Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden Water Leaks

If you’re noticing water around your property but can’t find the source, a burst water pipe is a possible reason. At Lateral Plumbing Solutions, we use specialised leak detection equipment that allows us to locate hidden water leaks in Melbourne. Our specialists thoroughly test all of your plumbing systems to find and rectify the problem, such as defective plumbing or tree roots that have compromised the integrity of underground pipes.


How to Check for Hidden Leaks in Your Plumbing

If you’re receiving expensive water bills or your property is experiencing water damage without an apparent source, you may have a hidden water leak. Are you wondering how to check for hidden leaks in your plumbing and pipework? A helpful suggestion before you seek out professional underground pipe leak detection is to check the water meter. Your water meter is a reliable indicator of how much water your property is using. By turning off every faucet and water-related appliance, you can check to see if the meter is still showing water usage, which indicates a hidden leak might exist.

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Lateral Plumbing Solutions can provide assistance when you need hidden water leaks identified, assessed and repaired. Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about how to find a water leak outside underground.

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