Burst Water Pipe

Plumbing Leak Detection & Repairs for Burst Water Pipes

A burst water main or burst water pipe can cause significant headaches for home and business owners. Depending on their location and severity, they can threaten the structural integrity of your property and cultivate an environment where mould or mildew can develop. In addition, a pipe bursting can increase water expenses.

Lateral Plumbing Solutions can provide emergency burst pipe repair in Melbourne for homes and businesses. Our specialists are also capable of dealing with underfloor water leaks and other hidden water leaks. With access to the best plumbing leak detection equipment, you can rely on our leak detection plumber in Melbourne to provide burst pipe repair regardless of the pipe’s location.

What We Can Do

When you have a burst water pipe, we can provide solutions to restore its integrity and function. We can assist with the following services for bursting pipes in Melbourne:

  • Water leak detection – We have access to specialised water leak detectors in Melbourne that allow us to locate any hidden water leaks around your property
  • Underground water leaks – Patches of lawn that are greener than the rest can be indicative of an underground water leak, which we can address and rectify
  • Leak repair and service renewal – We can repair burst pipes promptly if our plumbing leak detection uncovers a problem. We also have the ability to renew a service with boring and directional drilling when a leak is situated in a position that isn’t suitable for digging.
  • Hidden water leaks

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When you need water leak detection services in Melbourne or professional assistance fixing burst water pipes, you can trust the team at Lateral Plumbing Solutions to deliver the best service and results. Contact us today to organise a booking.

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