Stormwater Drainage

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Lateral Plumbing Solutions specialises in stormwater drain unblocking, stormwater pipe installation and pipeline constructions for stormwater sewer systems in Melbourne. Stormwater drainage systems are designed to handle excess water when heavy rains and storms occur. However, damaged or blocked stormwater drains can compromise their ability to function optimally, increasing the risk of street flooding and overflowing stormwater systems.

In addition to assisting with civil stormwater drainage construction and stormwater pipe installation to Australian Standards, our drainage contractors can thoroughly assess the condition of storm water drains in Melbourne. We can then remove blockages from stormwater drainage pits and repair any damage using the latest equipment. By restoring your stormwater drainage, our drainage specialists can save you money in the long term and limit potential damage to property and the environment.

Signs of Damaged Stormwater Drains

Stormwater drainage systems are typically concealed from public view, which makes it difficult to identify any damage or blockages before catastrophes occur. Blockages can happen when tree roots expand underground or when foreign objects such as stones and leaves manage to get inside. They can also occur due to a lack of maintenance or incorrect installation by drainage companies.

Several common warning signs include water pooling around a property, poor driveway drainage, and water coming out of the bottom of downpipes. Surface grates not clearing and unusual gurgling sounds coming from drains can also be an indication of blocked or damaged stormwater drains. If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely that you need assistance from stormwater drainage contractors in Melbourne.

What’s the Difference Between a Stormwater Drain and a Sewer Drain?

Stormwater drains differ from sewer drains in a few different ways. One of these differences is in what they carry. Stormwater drainage systems are designed to collect rain water from roofing, downpipes, roads and driveways. On the other hand, a sewer drain collects sewerage from toilets and laundries. Another difference is the destination of each type of drainage system. Stormwater pipes will take water to the closest river or ocean, while sewer pipes take sewerage to a plant in order to be treated.

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Lateral Plumbing Solutions offers a range of civil stormwater drainage services, including PVC, sewer drainage, stormwater pipe installation, pipeline constructions and repair of blocked stormwater drains in Melbourne. Find out what sets us apart from other drainage companies − contact our drainage specialists today for more details and helpful advice.

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