Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation & Vacuum Excavation in Melbourne

Damaged pipes and sewer mains require prompt repairs, but excavating them can be challenging. At Lateral Plumbing Solutions, we can provide hydro excavation in Melbourne as a non-destructive alternative to traditional mechanical techniques. Using pressurised water and an air vacuum, our hydro excavation contractors in Melbourne can locate utilities more easily, helping to reduce labour time and repair costs. Hydro excavation services can also be used for exposing water services for maintenance and digging up pipe lines when there may be unknown services buried in the vicinity, such as fibre optic cables, gas mains, and storm underground power.

How Hydro Excavation Works

Hydro Excavation, also known as non-destructive digging, is a non-mechanical process that involves moving or removing soil using pressurised water and an industrial strength vacuum. The water cuts through the soil and breaks it up, allowing the vacuum to easily transfer the slurry to a debris tank away from the excavation area. This innovative approach can be carried out by vacuum extraction contractors to locate and excavate around underground utilities with more accuracy using closed circuit TV, providing a more efficient solution than mechanical alternatives.

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation in Melbourne has become a preferred method of digging for a number of reasons, some of which include:

  • Safer, faster and more precise − As hydro excavation allows for a higher level of precision, it can be carried out much faster than traditional excavation methods. Safety is also improved due to the lower risk of utilities becoming damaged.
  • Limits accidents and injuries for excavation contractors across Melbourne − Due to the process being non-mechanical, less manpower is required, meaning accidents and injuries are greatly reduced. Vacuum excavation contractors are at lower risk compared to traditional excavation workers.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging underground utilities, such as pipes, cables and sewer lines − With its higher precision and accuracy, hydro excavation has less error, meaning the risk of damage to pipes, cables and other underground utilities is minimised. This is why hydro excavation in Melbourne is often referred to as non-destructive digging.
  • Saves costs by requiring fewer repairs and restorations − With less chance of damage occurring to utilities, you can save money that would otherwise have been spent carrying out repairs.
  • Less environmental impact − Hydro excavation is kinder to the earth than alternative excavation options, allowing you to do your bit for the environment.
  • Minimises insurance and liability costs − With its increased safety and reduced risk, hydro excavation can help to lower insurance and liability costs.

Contact our experienced hydro excavating contractors today for more information on non-destructive digging or any of our other services, including jet cleaning and tree root cutting.

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