Stormwater Drainage Stormwater Drainage
Stormwater Drainage

Highly qualified drainage contractors for stormwater drainage and more across Melbourne Lateral Plumbing Solutions specialises in stormwater drain unblocking, stormwater pipe installation and pipeline constructions...

Sewer Drainage Sewer Drainage
Sewer Drainage

Sewer Line Installation, Replacement & Maintenance Lateral Plumbing Solutions can provide expert assistance with sewer line repair, sewer line replacement and sewer line installation services....

CCTV Inspections CCTV Inspections
CCTV Inspections

CCTV Pipe Inspection Services While CCTV technologies are commonly used for security purposes, they can also be very useful for assessing the structural integrity of...

Fire Service Fire Service
Fire Service

Water Fire Services in Melbourne from Licensed Plumbers A fire service provides access to the water supply system, allowing fires to be easily extinguished when...

Pipe Replacement Pipe Replacement
Pipe Replacement

Pipe Solutions - Pipe Replacement & More Lateral Plumbing Solutions offers various pipe solutions in Melbourne for broken or damaged pipes buried under compacted ground,...

Leak Detection Leak Detection
Leak Detection

Professional Leak Detection to Find Hidden Leaks Water leaks caused by compromised plumbing are cause for alarm, as they can lead to extensive damage if...

Pipeline Constructions Pipeline Constructions
Pipeline Constructions

Pipeline Construction Services Lateral Plumbing Solutions can assist with pipeline constructions in Melbourne for the private sector and local and state governments. Our services include...

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Trusted Commercial Plumbers in Melbourne

As a large plumbing company with years of experience, Lateral Plumbing Solutions offers an extensive range of professional plumbing services in Melbourne. Our specialists are dedicated to providing solutions for commercial, civil and residential clients, including regular maintenance and emergency plumbing services. Delivering services of the highest standard, our commercial and industrial plumber can be trusted to provide the assistance you need.

Plumbing Services We Can Help You With

Lateral Plumbing Solutions is one of the leading commercial plumbing companies in Melbourne with the necessary expertise to perform various tasks, such as addressing drainage system problems and repairing damaged pipework. Our commercial plumbers can assist with the following areas:

  • Stormwater Drainage – We can remove blockages from stormwater drains to reduce the risk of flooding. We can also assist with stormwater pipe installation and pipeline constructions when required, as well as providing inspection and repair services.
  • Sewer Drains – Our blocked drain plumber in Melbourne can effectively clear obstructions from sewer drains, construct and install new systems, assist with pipe replacement and maintenance, and more. Signs your sewer drain might have a problem include slow drainage, toilets that won’t flush, and unpleasant odours.
  • Hydro Excavation – We can repair damaged pipes and sewer mains using non-mechanical and non-destructive techniques, such as pressurised water and industrial strength vacuum. These methods of excavation allow for utilities to be easily found, which saves time, reduces cost and minimises the risk of damage.
  • CCTV Inspections – Our commercial plumbers in Melbourne use cutting-edge CCTV technologies to assess the condition of underground drains and pipes, allowing us to identify and address problems quickly. After the inspection, we provide detailed reports of our findings complete with photos and videos.
  • Tree Root Cutting – We can cut tree roots that have compromised the structural integrity of drainage systems. This often occurs with cracked or deteriorating pipes that have an entry point for growing tree roots to get in. Once inside, the roots can grow until they cause a complete blockage.
  • Fire Service – We can install and maintain fire service components, including hose reels, sprinkler systems and fire hydrants. We can also provide advice and guidance to help you stay compliant with all fire regulations.
  • Pipe Replacement – We can repair and replace burst pipes no matter where they might be located, including underground or inside walls. We can also help you with pipe relining for pipes that are harder to access.

In addition to the above, we can provide accurate leak detection services as well as benching excavation and pipeline constructions for civil clients. Our drainage plumbers in Melbourne are highly experienced and maintain the highest standards of workmanship at all times, ensuring you can rely us to get the job done properly.

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Next time you need the expertise only a large plumbing company can provide, contact the team at Lateral Plumbing Solutions. Call our commercial plumbers today to learn more, request a quote or make a booking at your earliest convenience.

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